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Empowering Hope: Our Collaboration with Care in Action

At the heart of conflict, there are stories of resilience and hope. Care in Action, a compassionate charity, stands as a beacon of support for Ukrainian children in wartime. Care in Action is a  non-profit charitable organization that exists to help disadvantaged children, especially those without parental care, to grow up to succeed in life. Committed to providing essential care, education, and a nurturing environment, they are the lifeline for those who have faced the harsh realities of war.

Learn more about Care In Actions work here:

Painted Heart


Our joint mission is clear - to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable. The collaboration between Perfect World and Care in Action aims to uplift Ukrainian children, offering them not just aid but a promise of a better tomorrow. We believe that every child deserves a chance at happiness and a childhood free from the shadows of war.


Where the Proceeds go

When you choose to support Perfect World, you are directly contributing to the Care in Action cause. 100% of profits from our collaborations goes towards funding critical programs and initiatives by Care in Action. Your support helps provide:

- Educational Opportunities: Ensuring access to quality education for children empowering them for a brighter future.

- Health and Well-being: Supporting healthcare initiatives to address the physical and emotional needs of the children affected by war.

- Safe Haven: Creating and maintaining safe spaces for Ukraine's future generation, offering them a nurturing environment to heal and grow.


How you can help

Together with Care In Action, every purchase from Perfect World goes to direct funding. Through transparency we want to ensure that as much profit as possible is going directly to the children. We stand together with these children in their time of crisis and want to extend a helping hand. Together, small actions can grow into large ripples of impact.


Together with Care in Action, Perfect World invites you to be a part of a movement that transcends borders, bringing joy and support to those who need it the most. Explore our collaborative products, knowing that each purchase contributes to the well-being and future of Ukrainian children in need.


In every collaboration with Perfect World, you are not just buying a product; you are investing in hope.


Thank you for being here with us. 

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