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Transparency. Honesty. Trust. 

We at Perfect World believe transparency is a big part of getting our message of change across in a healthy way. As such, we want to provide transparency to all of our expenditures and revenues. More importantly, we want to show you that your money is put to good use and is donated accordingly. Our goal is not to bring in large profits for ourselves, but to make a real impact and donate all our profits. 


At Perfect World, we've made a promise that might seem ambitious or even impractical—to donate 100% of our profits. This commitment is rooted in our deep understanding of the power that money holds in our world and our desire to make a bold statement through our actions.


We recognize that money can be a force for good or a source of inequality and exploitation. By promising to donate all our profits, we aim to demonstrate that businesses can prioritize impact over profit margins. We're here to prove that financial success can coexist harmoniously with social and environmental well-being.


Currently, all of us at Perfect World are volunteering our time and efforts until we can sustainably incorporate wages into our costs. This approach allows us to focus solely on our mission without the pressure of immediate financial gain.


Our commitment to donating 100% of profits is not just a marketing strategy—it's a reflection of our values and our vision for a better world. Every sale and every contribution matters to us because it fuels our ability to create meaningful change.

Why we are using print-on-demand

We've chosen to kick things off with a print-on-demand service because we believe in flexibility and minimizing our environmental footprint. We're stepping into this venture with uncertainty—will it be one person or a thousand joining our mission? Print-on-demand allows us to adapt to demand in real-time, avoiding wasteful overproduction or underproduction.


Our T-shirt price calculation assumes the following: the cost of manufacturing t-shirts is 50% , Covering fixed costs like subscriptions, internet, etc 20%. This means that 30% of the price of the t-shirts will be donated to our selected projects. As we gain traction and hopefully snowball into something bigger, we will focus on ensuring that our costs are held to the minimum to maximize the financial support we will give to connecting charities. 

At a later stage, we will post our quarterly accounting here. 

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